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Sailing Lake Champlain to Serve Our Community

Since our launch in 2014, we have provided free 3-hour sailing excursions for over 1,500 guests!

At Healing Winds Vermont, we know the experience of having cancer can be a lonely journey, not only for patients, but for friends and family, too. The stress, anxiety and uncertainty of cancer can be exhausting at times.

We believe in the importance of taking time to celebrate life’s beauty together, and we do so by providing a unique therapeutic recreational experience for the whole family.


“It gave us a bright spot. It gave us some power. It gave us some healing.”

Watch Bob’s Story and learn more about the impact Healing Winds has on the lives of those being challenged by cancer.

In loving memory of Bob Smith. Fair Winds and Following Seas, Bob.

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Respite Sailing for Cancer, Inc.

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“With deepest gratitude and love, A very special day for my heart and soul.”
– Mark G.

“Gratitude, grace, a jump in the water after not being able to swim for 7 years! Life goes on for me, thank you so much HealingWinds!”
– Monique

“Thank you for a brief escape during our journey back to normal, and for sharing this place of peace.”
– Mary B.

“Sailing on board Jubilee was my ONE Cancer ‘free’ day!”
– Debbie C

“This was one of the best gifts I’ve ever received! A perfect part of the total ‘healing Journey.’ Thank you!”
– Phil B.

“Thanks again for a beautiful evening on the lake. It literally takes you away and cleanses your mind.”
– Jen F.

“What a beautiful sail! Thank you so very much for giving us this wonderful opportunity to relax and take in the lovey lake. It was a great stress reliever for me, and our family. Thank you! “
– Regina

“The HealingWinds captain and crew provided a welcoming and relaxing afternoon for me and my family members. Thanks to the wonderful and caring volunteers for making us feel special, and providing a respite from our worries.”
– Rosemary

“I had a very wonderful time on the lake. It was a very nice way to relax for the afternoon and not worry about anything.”
– Cliff L.

We Welcome Support

All of our sails are provided FREE OF CHARGE. It is through the generosity of donors — both individual and corporate — that  this is made possible. Donations of any size allow us to continue to expand our services as our demand increases — right here in our community!